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Avricore Health’s HealthTab System Featured in Prominent Kidney Disease Journal

HealthTab was used to study at-risk patients in the community pharmacy setting, demonstrating the effectiveness of point-of-care testing to better screen, treat and follow up with serious chronic illness

The team at Avricore Health (TSXV: AVCR) is very pleased to have the first study published utilizing its revolutionary integrated point-of-care testing platform, HealthTab, where 642 patients were screened in the community pharmacy setting for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). 

The study’s results, published in The Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease and funded by the BC Ministry of Health and the Kidney Foundation of Canada, are clear — The HealthTab platform is fast, accurate and integrates into the pharmacy setting with ease. 

Moreover, the patient results proved out that high risk populations are living with CKD and are not receiving treatment until advanced stages of the disease, including over 11% of those patients with undiagnosed Stage 3 CKD. 

Additionally, the study’s principle author, Canadian pharmacist John Papastergiou and Avricore Health Board Member, Dr. Robert Sindelar, point out that the current cost to Canadian taxpayers for a Stage 5 CKD patient receiving dialysis is $60,000 per year, plus $260 million annually in disability payments. 

“Our hope is that HealthTab can be utilized to redirect the focus in healthcare from “disease care” to a more preventive approach.” Said Avricore Health CEO, Hector Bremner. “The costs of our platform and tests are minimal compared to the cost of serving a serious, chronically ill patient.” 

The study makes a clear link between the effectiveness of the pharmacist in supporting the screening, prevention and ongoing treatment of chronic illness, through the use of advanced point-of-care technology. To learn more about the result and the system, find the free access to the journal here: 


About HealthTab + RASTR HealthTab is a proven point-of-care screening system, designed to support pharmacists evolving role. The system empowers patients to be proactive about their health by directly measuring and monitoring key safety tests and biomarkers of chronic disease. The HealthTab test is simple, fast, lab-accurate, and requires just a few drops of blood from a finger stick. Results can be printed in- store or accessed securely online. Visit our HealthTab website to learn more. 

Pharmacies agree to a two-year lease commitment, as well as the purchase of lipid and metabolic panels and other consumables from the Company. De- identified, statistical data can also be monetized, presenting additional revenue streams for the Company.


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